Individual treatment for individual people

Thank you for visiting Guildford Hypnotherapy. My name is Teresa Harvey and I am an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist.


Making the decision to see a therapist is often a very big step and can feel like the start of a journey into unknown territory, even if it's a proactive thing to do. Subsequently deciding on the therapist you would like to work with can be a tricky business when many therapist websites look the same and seem to offer similar services.


I treat each client as an individual - one size does not fit all! My approach is uniquely tailored to meet my individual clients' needs. Why not take a look at the short video on my Techniques page which explains in more detail what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is and how it can help.


My aim is to help each client as quickly and safely as possible. However I also recognise that sometimes even when someone wants to make change, change can seem challenging, and in those circumstances it is important to work at a speed that is comfortable for the client.


Call me now on 07894 803279 for a free, no obligation, phone consultation to discuss how we can work together.


My details at a glance - I am based in Central Guildford, I see clients Monday - Friday 9am-7pm & Saturdays 10am-4pm, and charge £70 per session, which includes post consultation materials such as trance downloads and technique guidance.