My Range of Treatments

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The techniques I use can help with a wide range of issues and concerns such as:


  • Teaching methods to help manage and overcome Depression
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Overcoming Phobias and Fears (e.g Spiders, Flying, Exam Nerves or Dentists)
  • Smoking Cessation 
  • Weight Loss 
  • Providing relaxation and pain control during pregnancy and childbirth  
  • Breaking of unwanted Habits (eg. Nail Biting) 
  • Improving Confidence and Performance (eg. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills) 
  • Physical Pain Relief (Long and Short term pain) 
  • Improving Study and Revision Techniques 


Internal locus of control (Iloc) vs External locus of control (Eloc)


Some of the things that people may bring to therapy can be about finding themselves in Eloc, External locus of control – this is when the day you have is dependent on how people respond to you, for example if you get to work and your boss is in a bad mood, that means you are going to have a bad day. Or if your partner is unhappy with you that makes you angry or sad – that somehow these external events and interactions are driving your internal states; and these kind of thoughts and feelings can lead to you feeling that you do not have control of your own life, because you are dependent all the time on how good your life is according to the world you happen to be interacting with at the time.


And the thing is our brains like to be in control and a lot of what our brains are calculating is future based, future events and interactions. Our brains like the certainty of predicting the way the future is going to happen, so the more control you have over that future the happier you are going to feel in yourself, because your happiness is not then dependent on those around you.


So what we would be looking to achieve in a therapy environment is to encourage a position called Iloc, Internal locus of control – its an emotional state independent of what may be happening around you or what other people may be doing to you, it means that you can choose your own response and feelings about any given situation, nobody can give you a bad day. Once you have that independence it really is like walking around in the world with a shield around you where nothing that anyone does, because they are having a bad day, means you have to as well.


And there is a great deal of independence about this because once you recognise the control and power Iloc can give you, you can notice that your happiness levels can rise, because your brain likes the certainty of knowing that you are the person who is driving the direction you are taking with your life, instead of being negatively influenced by the world around you.


Conitive Hypnotherapy can guide you to understand that your happiness works much more effectively when it comes from within, rather than believing the next partner, next diet or next shopping spree can do it for you. If this is of interest to you give me a call on 07894 803279 or email me on to arrange an appointment.