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Oct 2017 - Mental Health Week


Fear of Public Speaking


Sep 2017 - This is a very interesting article in the Hypnotherapy Directory that explains in detail how Hypnotherapy can help to overcome a very common phobia, such as Fear of Public Speaking.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist my aim when dealing with phobias is to work within a clients unconscious mind to understand where the root of the anxiety/fear comes from, often it is linked to misinformation gathered from a past experience. Once the issue has been identified, techniques are applied, both, within the therapy room and in the clients everyday life to help the unconcious mind access more appropriate behaviour. If you would like to discuss this or any other phobia with me please contact me via email or phone  on 07894 80329.


Claustrophobia, Panic Attacks and more...


Jul 2017 - Sometimes it is the little things that can help - such as this adapted map of the London Underground, which highlights the locations of all the tunnels on each of the train lines, which could help people with Clastrophobia, panic attacks and other anxious conditions manage their symptoms.

When it comes to panic attacks, often, part of the problem is the fear of having a panic attack, something, such as this map, could help a person feel more informed and more prepared, thereby keeping their panic at bay.

If you would like to overcome anxious conditions such as Claustrophobia or panic attacks contact me to discuss how I could help.


Mental Health


Jun 2017 - This news article from the NCH talks about the importance of speaking out and seeking help when experiencing mental health problems. In the same way as we would go to a doctor to overcome a physical illness, everyone at some point in their lives, could find it useful to talk to a professional about their mental health concerns. If you or someone you know is experiencing, depression or anxiety, relationship problems, exam stress or any other concerns why not give me a call to discuss how Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help you.




Sept 2016 - This news article concerns young girls and their decreasing levels of happiness. As an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I have found that the happiness of the young girls, I see, is often linked to issues at school, friendship groups, exam stress and general fears of being judged by others. If you would like to discuss how I could help with this type of problem please give me a call on 07894 803279 or use the contact me form.


Apr 2016 - I love this animation - For me it helps to identify that there are often several smaller steps involved in reaching our goals. Sometimes our goals can seem too difficult to achieve because we only focus on the end result, by breaking down our goals and aspirations into manageable steps we can realise that our goals are achievable. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to reach your goals - give me a ring to find out more on 07894 803279. 




Jan 2016 - I very much like this short film. I like the idea that after we have overcome our stress, it can mean we can learn from it. An abiity to deal with stress can be a resource that can be used again and again.


If you would like some advice or help with managing stress please email or call me on 07894 803279




Oct 2015 - I know that some people considering Hypnotherapy find testimonials from existing clients very useful, this is a testimonial I received today from a client who had issues with stress and anxiety -


From Miss K - Surrey

I contacted Teresa for help with Anxiety and sleep deprivation having suffered with both of these for many years. My only outlet for feeling better to date has been prescribed medication which not only "dulled" my feelings, but also wasn't something I saw as a positive long term solution. Having been recommended to try hypnotherapy by a friend I started to do some research on local therapists and came across Teresa's profile online. 

I was extremely nervous, and possibly a bit skeptical walking into the initial consultation, but Teresa immediately eased my nerves and made feel comfortable. It was great to be sat in front of someone who understood how I thought and could make sense of why I struggled to let go of some of the anxiety. I had preconceived ideas on what Hypnotherapy might be like, but Teresa was extremely professional, spoke a language that made sense to me, and had a great approach, nothing like the preconceived ideas I may have had before walking into the room.  

I felt an immediate difference after the first session, something I wasn't expecting so quickly, and had one of the most positive weeks I can remember. Since then I've been coping with the anxiety so much better, it's no longer something that controls my day to day life, and subsequently my sleep is much improved as well.


For anyone slightly skeptic about Hypnotherapy I'd encourage you to see Teresa, her approach to treatment is extremely professional and I was very pleasantly surprised at the results. Having suffered with Anxiety and sleep deprivation for as long as I can remember this is now something that doesn't rule my life.




Sep 2015 - This article is brilliant - it explains how our brains are not fixed and rigid but instead plastic and flexible. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I uses the brains flexibility to promote change within my clients. Contact me to find out how I can help you.


 A brief explanation about Cognitive Hypnotherapy


Jul 2015 - This is an article from the Guardian that explains what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is. If you would like further information give me a call on 07894 803279 or use my contact form to get in touch.

A visual example of internal processes and emotions


May 2015 - I love this trailer for the new Disney Pixar film "Inside out", it is a great visual example that depicts some of our internal processes and emotions. If you would like to know how Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help you understand your emotional responses in certain situations give me a call on 07894 803279 or use my contact form.


Anxiety in Children


Apr 2015 - I have helped a number of teenagers recently with issues around anxiety and I really like this article  as it reminds us that everyone experiences anxiety at some point, which I think is really important to remember when dealing with anxiety, especially in children. It also explains in a very understandable way how and why our brains "do" anxiety. If you or somebody else you know would like some help overcoming anxiety please use the contact form to email me or call me on 07894 803279.


5 Things to do to improve happiness levels 


Mar 2015 - I like this article from The Mind Unleashed, I particularly like points 2,3 & 5, they are great suggestions to gently improve your state of mind.


Identifying Depression


Jan 2015 - This recent article in the Guardian Online talks about identifying some of the symptoms associated with depression. I have assisted numerous clients with issues such as depression, low self esteem and anxiety. If you think I maybe able to help you give me a call on 07894 803279 or email me via my contact form.


Increase Happiness levels


Nov 2014 - An interesting article from the Guardian to increase our happiness - happy reading !




Feeling motivated to join Stoptober 2014 and Stop Smoking - why not boost your efforts with Hypnotherapy to keep you

motivated throughout October and beyond... Give me a call on 07894 803279 to find out how I can help.





Aug 2014 - Read this article then go give someone a hug...


"What the thinker thinks, the prover proves..."


Jul 2014 - This quote from R A Wilson highlights the power of the unconscious mind. For example if an individual thinks "I lack confidence" the unconscious mind will highlight experiences that prove this belief to be true and in the process make the belief stronger. Cognitive Hypnotherapy, firstly seeks to understand what a client would like to believe about themselves, such as "I can be a confident person" and then aims to teach the unconscious mind to notice and acknowledge experiences and situations where this new thought is supported and in turns strengthens the new belief of "I can be a confident person".


If you would like to find out more please contact me, via the contact form, email or phone.


Neuroplasticity - change is possible


Jun 2014 - This article from the Mind Unleashed, is very interesting - and it supports something that I am always saying to my clients that change is possible at any age. "...this is relevant research to all of us. It implies that people of any age have the ability to learn new things and form new habits... it isnt a state you were born into, it is a state you can discover. And the sky's the limit for the ability to learn and perfect new things throughtout your life."


Quote of the day 


Jun 2014 - "Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else..." - Judy Garland.


Hypnotherapy and exams


May 2014 - This recent article from the National Council of Hypnotherapists explains just how hypnotherapy can help individuals cope with exam anxiety and stress.


I have assisted numerous clients preparing for anything from music exams to driving tests, helping them to be "just nervous enough" to perform to the best of their abilities - To find our more please give me a call on 07894 803279.


The Mind and Body connection 


May 2014 - This article, from The Mind Unleashed, really highlights the connection between the mind and the body. Scientists have been able to visually capture the influence of both positive and negative emotions on the physical body.


" ...Our brain sends signals to the body as we deal with certain physiological changes without any thought on our part. These bodily sensations in turn could be helping the mind consciously recognise what emotions we are having. This type of research could help explain why making an effort to smile more or sitting straight instead of slouching can alter our brain, improve our mood..."


This article very much supports my therapeutic approach as I find all of my clients have both emotional and physical responses to their individual concerns. If you would like to find our more please call 07894 803279.


Spiders !


Mar 2014 - A man got a spider tatoo on his face because he was terrified of spiders, according to the Huffington Post (Mar2014). At Guildford Hypnotherapy you do not have to go to such extreme measures to overcome a phobia!! If you would like to find out more please call on 07894 803279.

How to impress in meetings - by Richard Wiseman


Mar 2014 - This short You Tube clip shows that often it's the things we do unconsciously that can have the biggest impact - who would have thought that where we place ourselves in a room influences those around us !


The simple things in life...


Mar 2014 - A heart felt hug with someone we trust can boost our immune system, which in turn can help to fight illness and stress. Research has shown a genuine embrace helps the body release "feel good" hormones such as Oxytocin, while stress chemicals in the body, such as Coritisol can be reduced.


So why not give a loved one a hug today...


Fad diets and processed foods


Jan 2014 - This really is an interesting article describing the negative impact fad diets and processed foods has on us mentally as well as physically. If you would like to re-consider your relationship with food and lose weight call me on 07894 803279 or use the contact form.


Internal locus of control (Iloc) vs External locus of control (Eloc)


Jan 2014 - Some of the things that people may bring to therapy can be about finding themselves in Eloc, External locus of control – this is when the day you have is dependent on how people respond to you, for example if you get to work and your boss is in a bad mood, that means you are going to have a bad day. Or if your partner is unhappy with you that makes you angry or sad – that somehow these external events and interactions are driving your internal states; and these kind of thoughts and feelings can lead to you feeling that you do not have control of your own life, because you are dependent all the time on how good your life is according to the world you happen to be interacting with at the time.


And the thing is our brains like to be in control and a lot of what our brains are calculating is future based, future events and interactions. Our brains like the certainty of predicting the way the future is going to happen, so the more control you have over that future the happier you are going to feel in yourself, because your happiness is not then dependent on those around you.


So what we would be looking to achieve in a therapy environment is to encourage a position called Iloc, Internal locus of control – its an emotional state independent of what may be happening around you or what other people may be doing to you, it means that you can choose your own response and feelings about any given situation, nobody can give you a bad day. Once you have that independence it really is like walking around in the world with a shield around you where nothing that anyone does, because they are having a bad day, means you have to as well.


And there is a great deal of independence about this because once you recognise the control and power Iloc can give you, you can notice that your happiness levels can rise, because your brain likes the certainty of knowing that you are the person who is driving the direction you are taking with your life, instead of being negatively influenced by the world around you.


Conitive Hypnotherapy can guide you to understand that your happiness works much more effectively when it comes from within, rather than believing the next partner, next diet or next shopping spree can do it for you. If this is of interest to you give me a call on 07894 803279 or email me on to arrange an appointment.

Would you like to start 2014 smoke free....?


Nov 2013 - Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit, willpower, according to an article in the New Scientist, counts for very little. Smokers are coming under increasing presure to quit. Just today the NHS have been advised to make it more difficult for staff and patients to smoke on hospital grounds. Earlier this month the Institute of Actuaries published the results of a study it commissioned which showed that the mortality rate for smokers is twice as high as non smokers, and that, on average, a smoker dies 6 years earlier that a non smoker. Research shows that 3 out of 4 smokers would like to give up.


If you would like to stop smoking call me on 07894 803279, to find out how Guildford Hypnotherapy could help.


The impact of airbrushing in the media


Oct 2013 - This article on the BBC website shows the negative influence airbrushing can have on the viewer and just how common the practise is throughout the media and advertising industries. It can seem such a small thing to "tweek" a picture but it can have a profound impact it on the viewer. I have become much more aware of the influence images in the media can have as my daughter is beginning to become more aware of her body image - I hope you find this article as interesting as I do.


Guildford Hypnotherapy can help those who may have self esteem or eating issues that are connected in part to the influence and impact of body image in the media. If you would like to know more contact me now via my contact form or by calling me on 07894 803279.

Research shows link between poor sleep and weight issues...


Oct 2013 - Numerous studies have shown a significant association between short sleep duration and being overweight or obese in both children and adults. Poor sleep patterns have been shown to affect the brain areas responsible for complex decision-making and response to rewards causing many to favour unhealthy foods. Poor sleep also causes changes in the levels of hunger hormones. There is a decrease in the level of leptin – which regulates food intake and signals when the body has had enough food, while the level of ghrelin – which stimulates appetite, fat production and body growth – rises.


Insomnia is the disturbance of a normal sleep pattern, and it’s estimated that approximately one in four people will suffer from the condition at some point in their life. Sleep is a state of consciousnesses, which gives an individual time to rest and build up their strength. Insomnia can leave people feeling drained and exhausted, resulting in poor performance at work, lack of concentration and irritability.


Hypnotherapy can help an individual to relax, both mentally and physically, using varying relaxation techniques. Hypnotherapy can also help an individual to understand some of the causes of insomnia and sleeping problems.


Poor sleep has been shown to affect the brain areas responsible for complex decision-making and response to rewards causing us to favour unhealthy foods. Research suggests this causes 24% high feelings of hunger, a 23% increase in overall appetite but a 33% increased desire for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods making us feel that we have had insufficient food and thus encouraging us to increase food intake. Short sleep has also been shown to increase our urge to snack between meals and causes us to excessively season our food, eat fewer vegetables, buy more junk food and buy more food overall.

Do you want to stop Smoking?


Sept 2013 - With Stoptober just around the corner, this in an interesting article from the NCH about how Hypnotherapy can help. If you would like to find out more call 07894 803279 or Email


Phobias - How can Guildford Hypnotherapy help?


 July 2013 - Dictionary definition of a Phobia is "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something..."


So much of our behaviour is driven by patterns and associations that the mind makes unconsciously. This can be useful for everyday things such as teeth cleaning and driving a familiar route because the habit or “pattern” allows the mind to think of other things whilst carrying out routine behaviours. However it’s not so helpful if it makes an individual run out of a room if they see a spider, or stops someone from travelling because they are too frightened to get on a plane!


Phobic behaviours can cause much distress and frustration, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I have helped many clients with a wide range of phobias, such as heights, spiders, food types, darkness and flying to name but a few, and in my experience even though many clients have had their phobias for many years they can be tackled and defeated with just a few sessions.


If you have a phobia you would like to overcome please email or call  07894 803279


Deep breathing to control stress and anxiety levels


June 2013 - It is often said that deep breathing can alleviate stress and anxiety, which it can. I thought it would be useful to know exactly how deep breathing achieves this. Just as the body has the Sympathetic Nervous System which gives us our “fight or flight” response – rushing our bodies with adrenalin, the Parasympathetic Nervous System alleviates stress. Deep breathing activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, a breathing technique that incorporates an extended out breath decreases blood pressure and slows the heart rate, physically relaxing the body. Practising a deep breathing technique on a daily basis can help lower everyday stress and anxiety.


7/11 Breathing – as the name suggests the idea is to breathe in for the count of 7 and breathe out for the count of 11. The aim is to breathe in deeply, pushing the stomach out as with each breath in, rather than normal shallower lung breathing and then breathing out slowly. Practising this exercise for 5 – 10 minutes each day can help to naturally calm and relax both mind and body. It can be done anywhere, whilst resting in bed, on the train or the bus or even at your desk – why not give it a try...


If you would like to learn more relaxation techniques please contact me. 



3 Gifts exercise


May 2013 - This little exercise can be a great mood lifter by simply focusing on the positive things to be found in any given day:


At the end of each day recall 3 things you have enjoyed or felt appreciation for, sometimes these ”things” can be wonders of nature, such as a sunny day, a rainbow, spotting an urban fox... and sometimes it can be more personal, such as, coffee with a friend, a compliment from a friend or work colleague, scoring a goal in a game of football or enjoying a great meal.


The belief being that we can all think of something if we give our minds a moment to consider “what 3 gifts can I think of today?”


Many people have found it useful to do this exercise at bedtime, because often the mood we go to bed with, is the mood we wake up with, so if our last thoughts of the night involve thinking of positive things it can help us to feel more positive the next day... why not give it a try J



Does Hypnotherapy work ? Science says "yes"


May 2013 - An interesting article in the Washington Times descibing the benefits of Hypnotherapy.


DOVE ADVERT - "What do you love about your body?"


Apr 2013 - I love this advert, especially as I have heard a lot about body image in the press today. The advert shows women finding it impossible to say what they like about themselves physically but are able to notice so many postive things about their friends. I often find something similiar with my clients when I ask them what strengths they have, often the answer is "I don't know". However if I ask them what strengths their friends and family would say they have they can think of some ! 




Mar 2013 - If you would like to use Wednesday 13th March as starting point to stop smoking why not contact me to see how I could help. Please call me on 07894 803279 or eMail


Article from the National Council of Hypnotherapy. 


Feb13 - The National Council of Hypnotherapy released an article on the benefits of stopping smoking before the age of 40, using hypnotherapy. If this is something you would be interested in why not give me a call/email.