Testimonials - You may find it useful to read how Guildford Hypnotherapy can help...

The following testimonials were shared by previous clients and I hope they provide more insight into some of the ways I may be able to help you. It's important to note that results may vary from person to person.


I contacted Teresa for help with Anxiety and sleep deprivation having suffered with both of these for many years. My only outlet for feeling better to date has been prescribed medication which not only "dulled" my feelings, but also wasn't something I saw as a positive long term solution. Having been recommended to try hypnotherapy by a friend I started to do some research on local therapists and came across Teresa's profile online. 

I was extremely nervous, and possibly a bit skeptical walking into the initial consultation, but Teresa immediately eased my nerves and made feel comfortable. It was great to be sat in front of someone who understood how I thought and could make sense of why I struggled to let go of some of the anxiety. I had preconceived ideas on what Hypnotherapy might be like, but Teresa was extremely professional, spoke a language that made sense to me, and had a great approach, nothing like the preconceived ideas I may have had before walking into the room.  

I felt an immediate difference after the first session, something I wasn't expecting so quickly, and had one of the most positive weeks I can remember. Since then I've been coping with the anxiety so much better, it's no longer something that controls my day to day life, and subsequently my sleep is much improved as well.


Miss K from Surrey


I contacted Teresa as our teenage daughter was struggling with anxiety which was affecting her confidence and self esteem.  The combination of talking to Teresa during the sessions, using the trances and having a bank of techniques to use when she needs them has transformed her into a much calmer individual.  She is definitely more positive and seems much more able to take things in her stride. Her body language and whole demeanor have changed for the better!  I have been so impressed with Teresa’s approach in maintaining contact after the sessions, reminding our daughter of the techniques and asking her how she’s getting on.  In addition, Teresa is really clear in establishing what it is that YOU want to change, so you can see the progress you are making.  Watching our daughter go through this experience has been enlightening, interesting and very positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Teresa.


Mrs H from Guildford


As a sole business owner, Teresa has become a really important part of my support team. Her sessions and trances have helped me unpick a lot of false insecurities about my capabilities, skills and potential. I now not only feel a lot more confident about myself as a freelancer, but also – for the first time – I feel really ambitious and excited about the future of my company.


Mrs PS from Guildford


I just wanted to say how pleased I am that I made the decision to get in touch with you and face some issues that had been with me for over 20 years. I felt the time was right to tackle my fears and move on with the things I wanted to achieve. Firstly I would like to say how welcome you made me feel and I appreciate that you took the time to listen and understand my anxieties. At our sessions you were very committed to helping me start to break down the barriers that were preventing me from getting on with my life, explaining every step of the processes that you wanted to explore. After just my first session I walked away with a confidence and calmness that reassured me I was going to succeed. In a short space of time you helped me to be inquisitive about what I could do, to be prepared to break down the barriers little by little and you celebrated each small achievement with me. Every week since we have met I have made another discovery that has removed another layer of anxiety and my positive experiences are now replacing the negative ones.


Mrs W from Surrey


I found Teresa to be very open and trusting, the techniques I learnt really helped me and I still use them to this day.


Miss V from Guildford 


Making the decision to see a therapist is a huge one, and one that I struggled with for a long time. I felt like a failure for not being able to find the solution myself. Teresa was brilliant and was able to get to the root of my problem, which was something I had never even considered. Yet at the same time it made so much sense. I still have days when I feel I'm facing a bit of an up hill walk, but the progress I made in just a few sessions was massive. I know that change takes time so I use "trance" recordings for those occasions when I need some reassurance which have been a brilliant tool for me to use at home and into the future. Without a doubt I wouldn't have turned a cormer without Teresa's guidance and am so thankful that I chose to seek help when I did.


Miss L from London


 I had never enjoyed flying, but the less I did the worse it had become until it was clear I was suffering from anxiety in the run-up to any flight that significantly reduced the enjoyment and excitement that should be a part of going on holiday.  I was particularly keen to tackle as I was going to be flying with my baby daughter for the first time and I didn't want her picking-up (or inheriting) my anxiety.

I only had two sessions with Teresa and I could hardly believe the change.  I was relaxed on the day of the flight and during it (to the point of falling asleep for a while) and I didn't have concerns about the return flight during the holiday.  I was relaxed throughout both flights and was really surprised when I heard other passengers commenting on how bumpy the return flight had been.

Teresa's approach of breaking down the problem seemed to really work.  The relaxing trance she had specifically recorded for me and the general preparation she recommended was really helpful and it helped me feel calm in advance of the flight and prepared for the actual flight. I found it extremely helpful and would recommend Teresa's expertise for anyone with similar issues.


Mr S from Guildford


I came to Teresa with an issue regarding food. Teresa helped me pinpoint when and why this issue started. She has given me some great tools for the future and I now look at my eating habits in a much healthier way.


Mrs L from Guildford