Older News and Thoughts

Below are older news and interesting items that I still think are relevant.

What is a trance...?


Feb 2013 - We are in trance states all the time, from a “brushing our teeth” trance to a “relaxing in front of the TV” trance.

Repetitive behaviours or actions often lead to us acting and responding completely unconsciously – in a trance state.

Many clients come to me because some of their daily trance states are causing them problems, 2 examples that may help to explain this would be:


1)     The client that flies into a rage and afterwards cannot understand why.

2)     The client who wants to lose weight but still finds himself eating an entire packet of biscuits without even remember what they tasted like.


My aim is to help my clients change their problematic trance states into trance states that are more useful so that they can be the people they truly want to be. If you would like to find out more about trance states I recommend – Stephen Wolinsky’s book “Trances people live”

Practise what you preach...


Nov 2012 - As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I often teach clients how to manage situations that could cause physical pain, such as childbirth or situations that could lead to stress and anxiety, such as public speaking.

Whilst at the dentist recently, I was reminded of another appointment at the dentist when I was having some extensive work done on a broken tooth. I had decided not to have an injection and practice the techniques I teach my clients.

With nothing more than a simple breathing technique, in conjunction with some eye movements and positive thinking, I felt absolutely no pain at all. Even the dentist seemed surprised that I was able to sit calmly and comfortably in the chair for the 45 minute appointment.

If you would like to find out more about the techniques I used and how you could use them in your life please contact me at hello@guildfordhypnotherapy.co.uk or call me on 07894 803279.

Eating Habits and Weight Loss


Oct 2012 - Just read an article about the impact skipping breakfast has on the body, it actually makes us desire fatty foods more! So many of my clients who come to me with issues around weight, say dieting or skipping meals made things worse for them. In my experience successful weight loss is about understanding why unhelpful eating habits have developed, sometimes over many years and then replacing those unwanted eating habits with new healthier ones, using both NLP and Hyonotherapy. If you would like to have a chat about this please call me on 07894 803279 or use the contact form.

Jack Dee and Hypnotherapy


Sept 2012 - In a Telegraph interview, Jack Dee explains how he used Hypnotherapy to help him deal with depression, I particularly like the way he describes the process as "resetting". It may be useful to remember that our brains are not fixed and rigid, they are flexible and just because we felt or behaved in certain ways in the past, it doesn't mean we have to think/feel/behave in the same way in the future.

Breast Cancer Research


May 2012: Very interesting BBC news article on breast cancer prevention and Epigenetics. Epigenetics research has found that environmental factors such as nutrition, stress and emotions can influence our bodies at a genetic level. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help individuals to manage their daily stresses and feel more proactive and in control of their lives...why not call me to discuss this further.

Pregancy and Smoking


March 2012: I recently saw a news article suggesting that expectant mothers should undergo smoking breath tests. It reminded me how pregnancy can be a wonderful motivation to stop smoking, not just for expectant mothers but also for expectant fathers. I have helped a number of expectant fathers who have used their partners pregnancy as the motivation to stop smoking, so they could be smoke-free when holding their new born babies. If this applies to you why not give me a call.

Do we really need 8 hours sleep...?


March 2012: A recent BBC news article, made me consider the pressure we can sometimes put on ourselves to get "enough" sleep each night. Hypnotherapy can help manage bouts of insomnia and restless nights, by teaching relaxation techniques and much more... For additional information please call Teresa on 07894 803 279 or eMail hello@guildfordhypnotherapy.co.uk or use my contact form.

Even more reasons to stop smoking


March 2012 : A recent BBC news article highlights the ever spiralling costs of smoking, this may increase your desire to want to Stop Smoking, check out how Guildford Hypnotherapy can help you by going to the Treatments page for additional information or use the contact form to make an enquiry.