Phobias and Habits


Dictionary definition of "Phobia" - "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something..."


So much of our behaviour is driven by patterns and associations that the mind makes unconsciously. This can be useful for everyday things such as teeth cleaning and driving a familiar route because the habit or “pattern” allows the mind to think of other things whilst carrying out routine behaviours. However it’s not so helpful if it makes an individual run out of a room if they see a spider or if they unable to go on holiday beacause they are unable to get on an plane!


Phobic behaviours can cause  much distress and frustration, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I have helped many clients with a wide range of phobias, such as heights, spiders, food types, darkness and flying to name but a few, and in my experience even though many clients have had their phobias for many years they can be tackled and defeated with just a few sessions (noting that results may vary from person to person). I can help you to break unwanted behaviours and fears whilst establishing more appropriate or useful behaviours.

This article is an example of the difference hypnotherapy can make to someone with an acute fear of flying. 


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