Pregnancy and Childbirth

Whether you are experiencing your first pregnancy or you are an experienced mum extending your family, pregnancy and childbirth can be a daunting prospect.


Guildford Hypnotherapy can provide relaxation techniques during pregnancy, in addition to teaching each client pain control/relief techniques during childbirth.


As a mother myself, I found great value from these techniques and have had positive success with other mums-to-be and as a therapist I have dealt with a wide range of pregnancy and childbirth medical related conditions and experiences.


As with all of my treatment programmes, I construct a plan that is specific to you and your individual needs; however, I usually suggest a four session programme usually commencing at around 30 weeks into a pregnancy - but some clients get great value from the relaxation techniques throughout their pregnancies so the programme can be started earlier.


I have in the past been recommended by both independent midwives and midwives based at the Royal Surrey Hospital.


On a personal level I also highly recommend the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) - they offer proactive support and education during pregnancy and beyond, and provide a great support network.


In addition Netmums provide useful information for both mum-to-be and experienced mums, during pregnancy and beyond.